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We offer a platform for clients and escort in the Detroit to meet. We have thousands of profiles of girls for you to browse through, who you're then free to message as you see fit. No agency, no middle man. As one of the premier escort service providers in the city, we have a massive user base of people from both sides of the adult industry.

We promote safety and discretion above all else. Any information you reveal will be kept safe at all times. You don't have to give out your name, phone number or even show your face on our platform. If you're looking for a place hook up with sexy escorts, we've got everything you need on our app and site.

How Does Our App Work?

Simply sign up and provide your basic information, then you're free to browse through all of the escorts in the Detroit area You can see their pics, videos and damn hot content in full before sending them a message to arrange a meetup.

Sometimes, it's hard to get a feel for a girl's personality and talents when you use an agency. That's why we're committed to putting you in contact with these ladies directly.

Additionally, we also ofer information on local adult establishments. Looking for a strip club, massage parlor or a nice little fetish club? At long last, there's a place where all of these details are available without having to trawl through Google.

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On your first visit, be sure to check out everything else our app has to offer. Don't think that we're just an escort provider as there's much more on offer. We have a whole host of features to enjoy.

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Signing up will take less than 2 minutes. Anyone can sign up for free providing they're over 18 years old.

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No longer do you have to drive around the city hunting for working girls. We offer thousands of verified and professional escorts on our platform. Everyone who signs up needs to include at least two pics in their profile so you can see exactly what your fuck partner looks like.

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Come and have your say in our forums, and check out the escort reports. Seen something locals might enjoy? Seen a nice escort and wanted to share your findings? Want to talk about your hot fuck from yesterday? What about that sex club you visited 2 weeks ago? Our forums are the perfect time and place to mingle with like-minded escort enthusiasts.

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With our search function, you can narrow filter through anyone by your chosen criteria. You can even use a key word search to find exactly what you want. Body type, nationality, breast size ladies close by. Maybe you're looking for an older lady to show you a good time? You'll find it here no problem.

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We offer a number of other adult entertainment services too. Strip clubs, BDSM clubs, sex shops, even massage parlor reports. You can even find the cheapest hotel room in your nearest area.

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Steve, USASexGuide user

I've always said that escort agencies suck. They just mess you around, so these days I like to find my girls myself. With that said, this app has made it easier than ever. I can be talking directly to a local girl within minutes of logging on and then we can arrange the date and time of our meeting ourselves. This app is legit and totally worth the time.

23 comments, 16 shares
Krystal S, USASexGuide user

As an escort, this app helps me connect with my clients on a personal level. I can speak directly to anyone who wants to use my services and I can pick and choose the guys I want to visit. No agencies, no money issues. USASexGuide has literally changed the escort business for the better.

41 comments, 31 shares

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Come and join the most active escort community in Detroit with USASexGuide. Getting laid with a local escort shouldn't be hard, but with so many agencies and scammers on the scene, it seems that it's more difficult than ever before. That's why we've brought USASexGuide Detroit to the masses. If you want a good time without any hassle, that's what we're here for.

We make connecting with local working girls a breeze. We scour through every last agency on the scene and provide the contact for these ladies directly. You can then message them yourself and arrange your hookup directly.

You could look far and wide and never find an escort service as great as USASexGuide Detroit. We compile everything you need to know in one convenient place for an efficient escort experience. Now that USASexGuide Detroit has arrived on the scene, you never need to use an escort agency ever again.